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Our water based inks

Everything we print, everything we have ever printed, is done so using water based inks. They produce the sharpest images, the softest feel and have the lowest environmental impact.


We have water based inks which cover just about every possible design requirement and fabric mix.


We choose which ink to use based on the design specs, the desired finish, the fabric colour and the fabric content. Below is a little bit of information on our main types of water based inks.


Incredibly soft waterbased ink screen print on white t-shirts by Get A Grip Studio in Birmingham UK

Super Soft - Standard water based ink

Our Super Soft inks are absorbed into the fabric leaving the crispest edges, brightest colours and long lasting prints that don't peel or flake off. You can iron the prints, flex them, stretch them, rub them, scratch them and they won't budge.


They are semi-transparent so are best suited to prints on light coloured fabrics where the ink colour is darker than the fabric.


Discharge - Formaldehyde-free water based ink

Our Discharge inks achieve astoundingly soft prints on dark coloured fabrics. How they do this is a little hard to explain. Within the ink is a chemical which breaks down the bond between the dye and its fabric, leaving the fabric colour to evaporate, and the ink colour to remain.


To watch it happen is a little magical. But what really sets our inks apart from those used by most others, is that all of this is achieved without the use of any Formaldehyde.  A little search on the Internet about the dangers or Formaldehyde will explain why we use Formaldehyde-free inks.


Super soft environmentally friendly waterbased discharge prints. Inks that are Formaldehyde free. Prints by Get a Grip Studio Birmingham
Waterbaseed opaque ink prints on non-dsichargeable fabrics. Soft flexible and long lasting screen prints by Get A Grip Studio

Super Bold - Opaque water based inks

Our Super Bold inks are our cover all option. They sit on the fabric more than our Formaldehyde-free Discharge or Super Soft standard inks and form a thicker layer which blocks out the fabric colour.


They remain flexible, soft and comfortable to wear but can be applied to most fabrics including synthetic mix and 100% synthetic fabrics. Unlike their oil-based equivalent (Plastisol inks) you can iron our prints and wash them at higher temperatures.


Special Inks

The following 'special' inks are available, and yes, are all water based too!  We update these as and when new options become available, but please contact us if you have a specific request you don't see here;

  • Reflective ink
  • Temperature changing ink
  • UV reactive ink
  • Puff/Expanding ink
  • Glow-in-the-dark ink
  • and more...
Expanding waterbased inks offer 3D screen printing possibilities. Many other special effect inks available at Get A Grip Studio

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